QUANTUM MEDIATION – where experienced lawyers use mediation to help you settle disputes in a dignified manner.


We are lawyers and mediators. We are your problem solvers.

At Quantum Mediation we believe that most problems have solutions; most obstacles are just challenges and the route to resolution need not be acrimonious or adversarial.

We approach the task at hand with professionalism, respect and accountability, and with openness, efficiency and pragmatism. Most of all, the process is a custom fit, designed just for you.

Resolving conflict in any context starts with effective communication; from there, the process of breaking down conflict into workable parts, discussing the issues, encouraging the flow of ideas, determining needs and understanding obstacles invariably promotes consensus.

By enabling you to rise above the details and view the issues from the broader perspective, we clarify priorities and bring resolution one step closer. Ours is a powerful process that works.

We know. We’ve been resolving legal disputes successfully for decades. Let’s start on yours.